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Strada Valdelserro 2A

14014 Montafia - AT- ITALY

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Wines according to nature

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RÜRAL is the place where wine is born. 

In the vineyard and not in the cellar. Because our rows, natural outlooks on the surrounding hills, are part of a balanced and resilient ecosystem.

We have said “no” to any kind of forcing, in ordere to preserve the natural biodiversity of the vineyard

All types of fertilizers and chemical fertilizers are excluded from our agronomic practices. Vinification relies exclusively on indigenous yeasts, without filtration, clarification, or temperature control. Our indigenous vines express their best characteristics without any manipulation. The result is wines as sincere as our passion.

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From Freisa grape. It is vinified in steel with indigenous yeasts and a prolonged maceration on the skins. Aging takes place in oak barrels for about 36 months and then in the bottle for about 24 months.

Ferla, “sprout” in Piedmontese dialect, is the first wine born in RÜRAL .Garnet color, tending towards orange; on the nose, there are notes of rose and berries. The palate is enveloped by a smooth complexity with a spicy finish.


From a selection of our best native grapes, we obtain a wine that is the result of fermentation with indigenous yeasts, skin maceration, and aging in amphoras.

The color is ruby red with garnet reflections, the intense smell of red fruits with a slight mineral note. In the mouth, it releases its structure and intensity.


From indigenous grapes. Vinified in steel with the use of indigenous yeasts, it continues its evolution thanks to a prolonged maceration on the skins. The aging takes place in oak barrels for 24 months and refinement in the bottle for another 24 months. 

Rabarè, "picking" in Piedmontese dialect, identifies and characterizes the grape harvest activity: small and compact bunches produce a more complex selection. The color of the wine is intense red, with hints tending towardspurple, a distinct acidity and on the nose a bouquet that alternates between fruit and spices.

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Refermented in the bottle with the must of the same vintage an expression of vinification in steel with indigenous yeasts.

CIFULE', “whistling” in Piedmontese dialect, is a wine characterized by cheerfulness: a lively and intense bubble. It has a bright red color, a fresh and engaging scent and on the palate, notes of fresh fruit.



Meeting of Freisa and Albarossa grapes. The vinification takes place in steel and aging for 24 months in oak barrels.

RISOIRA, "grafted vine" in Piedmontese dialect, is the cutting that has taken root. Just like us rooted in this territory. The wine has a bright red colour and fruity scent. On the palate, it provides refreshing notes thanks to its well-balanced tannins.



From white grapes. The vinification takes place with indigenous yeasts after a prolonged maceration on the skins. The complexity and persistence make it a meditation wine, an expression of a long bottle aging.

SAPINE', which means “hoeing” in the Piedmontese dialect, just like the work we do daily in our youngset vineyards. With an intense yellow color and amber hues, it offers intense scents of tea leaves and elderflower on the nose, while on the palate, citrus notes stand out.

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