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Strada Valdelserro 2A

14014 Montafia - AT- ITALY


Tel.  +39 3806567391

Tel. +39(0) 1411491293


RÜRAL is organic.

Because here man and land speak to each other

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The farmhouse, modern in appearance and operations. Farming agriculture, environmentally friendly. The convivial context is designed to feel good together. Healthy and tasty food, as only Mother Nature can provide.

RÜRAL is a closed-cycle polycultural and sustainable project: hospitality, welcoming, gastronomy, events, and agriculture. A horizon that combines the good and the beautiful.

Located beetween Turin and Asti, in the heart of Piedmont's most authentic hills.

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THE ORIGINS, of the good

THE VISION, dedicated to beauty

We are in Monferrato, the land we deeply care about and wish to preserve. 

For this reason, we opted for organic farming, in its noblest form.. 

Vinification happens naturally: respecting each vine variety, according to the peculiarities of each season.



We have made the peasant tradition contemporary.

RÜRAL has developed a new idea of rural tourism: a relaxing holiday, attentive to details and the history of the territory.

Peace, beauty, comfort, and design accompany you in all your moments.


THE PLACE, according to nature

THE KITCHEN, according to tradition

We have created an agroforestry environment. RÜRAL is the place where vegetable beds are cultivated in a bio-intensive and completely manual method. They alternate with a food forest comprising fruit trees and aromatic, perennial and seasonal plants. Chickens and sheep graze feeding the soil ensuring its fertility.


The authentic flavors of our Piedmont

Rüral's dishes can satisfy even the most refined palates.

All carefully prepared and paired with organic wines produced in Cascina Rüral's cellar.


For your unforgettable wedding and not only

For your birthday party, graduation, bachelorette party, bachelor party, corporate dinner or for a simple gathering for an aperitif with friends on the terrace or by the pool.

Celebrate with panoramic views of the Alps,  in a natural setting of great serenity

Garden available for symbolic wedding celebration

We believe in confrontation and sharing

RÜRAL provides its space and resources. Workshops, product presentations, events, educational activities, in an environment in close contact with nature among vegetable gardens, vineyards and woods.

For you, your company, your projects.